Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The New/Old House:A Coffee Bar

Since the third floor of this classic Victorian house boasts three bedrooms and a bath, when it's not filled with Amherst area students, it's an airBB for guests. The hallway outside the bedrooms is the perfect spot for a console table offering coffee and tea.
A mini fridge will tuck under the table for cold milk and bottled water, so the height of the table had to be tall enough to go over the fridge. We knew it would be impossible to find one the exact size and height so building one was the answer.
The table was so easy to make! All it took were three ready-to-paint pine boards from Lowe's, some wood glue and L-shaped brackets.
I asked the guy at Lowe's to cut two of the boards to the exact height I needed to form the table "legs".  A little wood glue, brackets and dark blue stain and it was done. :)
The dark blue stain made the inexpensive pine look so pretty!  Most of the accessories are from Target and Michael's.  The coffee poster and labels were created on PicMonkey. The frame is a Goodwill find spray-painted copper.

Visiting the Amherst, Massachusetts area? We got you covered!
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