Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Colorful Ball Garland

In case you haven't been following the trend in children's rooms, ball garlands are all the rage. They are often made from felted wool—beautiful, but a large size ball can get pretty pricey. Here's how I made mine for just a few bucks for the girl's recently completed room.
I used Smooth Foam balls. They come in lots of sizes (I used the 2 inch) and they can be painted, cut or glued.
1. These Smooth Foam balls are easy to find at most craft stores.
2. Paint them the color of your choice...I used acrylic craft paints.
3. After they are dry it's time to string them.
4. An embroidery needle and thread were used to run through the ball. I found that slowly turning the needle worked better than just shoving it in (which cracked the foam.)
I love how they add color to the white painted blinds and a touch of whimsy!
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