Thursday, June 4, 2015

Party Planning

Our youngest granddaughter is turning three!  Whenever I'm with her, Zelda tells me several times a day that her favorite color is pink and she wants a pink birthday party.  Luckily for her there is so much cute pink party goods out there right here's the plan.
1. Three different shades of pink will look so pretty...balloons from Oh Happy Day Shop  | 2. When they're three years old they'll still wear party hats so these will be adorable  |  3. Color block spoons from Sucre Shop are a must!  |  4. Party horns in tasseled pink  |  5. How cute are these favor bags| 6. Colored straws in sherbet tones  | 7. Adore the dots and scalloped edges in these napkins | 8. Old fashioned paper cups are perfect for a sweet little girl  | 9. Pink plates with dots are too cute.

According to custom, when Zelda turns three she will light her own Shabbat candle every Friday night (with adult help, of course). Wouldn't these candlesticks be perfect for a three year old?
 I know, they're not pink.
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