Thursday, May 7, 2015

The New/Old House: A Fabric Wall

Although there are three guest rooms on the third floor of Ariel's house only two of them were "guest ready."  The holiday of Shavout is only three weeks away and they are expecting a houseful of people, so she really wanted to finish the third guest room. 

It's a small room but the walls are horrible—peeling and crumbling plaster.  Covering the main wall with fabric took take of that problem easily and inexpensively.
When I tell you this project was quick I mean it...Zelda goes to pre-school for three hours so we had to get the job done during that time, and we did!
Here's the before:
 And here's how we did it:
1.The fabric is actually sheets from Target! We ordered two sets and even had pillowcases and a fitted sheet to use on the bed.
2. The sad peeling walls.
3. Ariel used her trusty stud finder to find the studs in the wall. Then we nailed thin strips of wood across the top to hold the staples.
4. I stapled the sheets to the wood strips.
The rest of the room needs some paint and furniture but the fabric makes the room feel much cleaner and the old fashioned paisley print works well with the Victorian house. Now I need to find a teal paint color for the nightstand!
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