Monday, May 4, 2015

The Girls Room: Bed Pillows

I'm still working on the girl's room (but the end is in sight!) and these throw pillows for their beds are one of my favorite things so far.

Each twin bed will have two pillows...a larger polka dot trimmed in pom poms and a lumbar size pillow with their names.
The gold foil iron-on vinyl is designed to be used with a craft paper cutting machine, but since I don't have one I cut each letter out with scissors. Here's how:
After choosing my font and printing it out, I took it to a copy shop to blow it up to the desired size and printed it in a mirror image.
Using carbon paper, I traced the reverse letter on the backside of the gold vinyl (gray side) and cut each letter out with sharp scissors. Next the letter was placed on fabric and ironed in place.
After it cooled I carefully peeled off the plastic protective coating on each letter. 
The gold is so fun for a girl's room!
The dot pillows are from this Etsy shop, and I added the pom-pom trim myself.

Can't wait to see how they look on the beds!
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