Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Meet Yael from JewishLatinPrincess

I recently discovered Yael's new blog and was impressed with the beautiful photography and many spiritual insights woven throughout the posts. Although she writes in both English and Spanish for her fellow Latin readers don't let the name fool youher blog is totally adaptable for for any Jewish woman looking for great ideas for parties, holidays and learning more about the spiritual side of Judaism. 

What motivated you to start your blog, JewishLatinPrincess? 
I had been reading blogs for three years, mostly interior design blogs and lifestyle blogs. It became evident to me that while there was so much creativity and inspiration being shared out there, few were putting it within a Jewish context. I decided to start blogging at JewishLatinPrincess to show how all the physical things that we love and enjoy as women — food, art, fashion, design, and so on — can and should be vehicles for our spiritual expression. In other words, I set out to create a lifestyle blog with a Jewish twist, and of course a Latin twist. ;-)

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