Friday, March 13, 2015

Passover Disposables

Like most kosher homes, ours had four sets of for meat, one for dairy and one set for Passover meat meals and another for Passover dairy meals. Removing all "hametz"  (breads, cereals, flour, etc) from the home is part of making a home kosher for Passover. So, aside from removing any leavened foods, all utensils that came into contact with hametz may not be used during Passover (unless they were “kashered”--made kosher for Passover). 

That's a lot of plastic bins filled with dishes, pots and pans, toaster ovens...the list goes on and on. When we moved to out current house two years ago I decided to simplify things and get rid of my Passover sets of dishes. I kept the pots and pans and serving pieces but I just had too many bins to shelp up from the basement. Instead I opted for disposables for both the Seder meal as well as the eight days of Passover.

So even though I'm not using beautiful China I still want the table to look chic and stylish. Here are some beautiful choices for one-time use tableware. Many of them are even Eco-friendly so no worries about adding trash to the environment!
1. Square black dessert plates  | 2. Round wooden plate  | 3. China-like plate in ivory
4. Bamboo cutlery  |  5. Clear carafe   |  6. Cocktail mini plates  | 7. Crystal tumblers 
8. WASARA tableware
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