Thursday, March 5, 2015

Best of Purim 2015

Today is Purim! We'll be busy all day delivering Shalach Manos baskets, hearing the Megillah reading, going to our community party and having a festive meal.

I wanted to share some of my Purim favorites I found this creative!

Best Shalach Manos Basket
You may remember Yossi Belkin who started the children's website Fox and Fish. (I featured his website back in February.)  He created this incredibly gorgeous Purim basket combining fox cookies and gummy fish to play up the name of his website!

Best Costumes
 Not great for strolling around the Purim party but so creative!
OMG I found this on the web...who thought of this?!

Best Hamantaschen
Nina Safar from Kosher in the Kitch came up with Pop Tart Hamantaschen--so cute!
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