Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Pancake Themed Purim Basket

Our Purim baskets are finished and waiting to be delivered next Thursday! My theme this year is pancakes—the breakfast of choice of our grand children when they visit.
I wanted the baskets to look wholesome and simple, starting with the Kraft paper tags, brown bags, berry baskets and old fashioned tea towels.
The pancake mix is actually Log Cabin that I repackaged into simple brown bags. It was important to include a Kashert explanation for those families who keep strictly kosher.
The mini bottles of syrup and jam were found online...
the tea towels are from Ikea, plastic candy tubes are from Martha Stewart crafts and baskets were found on Etsy. The small brown favor bags are from Michael's and I designed and printed the pancake labels.
I had so much fun putting these together and yes, I already have next year's planned!
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