Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Giving Gelt Gifts

Giving gelt for Chanukah? Presentation is everything so don't just put it in an envelope! Here are some fun, creative solutions...
1. Matchbox money gift
2. Origami money (I love how it's folded into a Star of David!)
3. Coins packaged in cellophane to look like candy rolls.
4. A "chocolate" sampler filled with money.
5. Candy bars tied up with dollars.
And...............after many years of blogging at designmegillah, the time has come to put it to rest. I'd like to thank the many readers who have been faithful followers as well as the other wonderful bloggers who have become virtual friends. Even though you won't find me here I'll still be posting on Instagram, Facebook, and selling on Etsy.  I'll keep this site up for all the holiday and DIY posts that many people still visit.
Thank you for four and a half wonderful years!


  1. So sad to read that there will be no new posts on Design Megillah! I've gotten some great ideas from here over the years and hope that you'll still pop up on Facebook, etc. with more creative ideas for design and celebrating holidays. Thanks for everything! Wishing you and your family a Happy Chanukah!

  2. Thank you so much! I will post on Facebook, etc!

  3. I will miss your blog terribly, like a friend I visit each week. But perhaps we can make up the time in person! You are so talented, Rita. Thank you and Happy Chanukah! I can't imagine the hours you have invested in this site..and look forward to seeing you on Facebook in the future.

  4. I'll miss you but look forward to your posts on Facebook!!

  5. What!? We're going to miss you... Hopefully it's temporary. In the mean time please do stay with us on social media etc. You are so talented. I wish you and your family a Happy Chanukah!!!

    1. yes, I hope to stay connected with all my fellow Jewish blog friends!

  6. I'm so sad that you won't be posting anymore. I always looked forward to you your posts and have gotten great ideas from you. I don't have Facebook so Ill be looking for you on Instagram. And here's to hoping you'll come back on the blog. Much hatzlacha and happy Chanukah!

  7. Like they all said. I will miss your blog and your posts. Such wonderful ideas!! Wishing you and your family much hatzlacha and nachat!!

  8. Noooooooo! I only just saw this and I'm devastated. But I totally get it too. Blogging is a lot more time consuming than it looks from the outside. I'll be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest. All my best, Rita.

  9. Thanks Dena. I miss blogging but I know it was the right decision for me right now. All the best.

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