Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Giving Gelt Gifts

Giving gelt for Chanukah? Presentation is everything so don't just put it in an envelope! Here are some fun, creative solutions...
1. Matchbox money gift
2. Origami money (I love how it's folded into a Star of David!)
3. Coins packaged in cellophane to look like candy rolls.
4. A "chocolate" sampler filled with money.
5. Candy bars tied up with dollars.
And...............after many years of blogging at designmegillah, the time has come to put it to rest. I'd like to thank the many readers who have been faithful followers as well as the other wonderful bloggers who have become virtual friends. Even though you won't find me here I'll still be posting on Instagram, Facebook, and selling on Etsy.  I'll keep this site up for all the holiday and DIY posts that many people still visit.
Thank you for four and a half wonderful years!
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