Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Half Bath Makeover

We moved in to this house three years ago and FINALLY the half bath is done!  Most of the other rooms were done in less than a year, but I just couldn't make a decision for the walls in here. 
Then, I saw this wallpaper from Schumacher: Chenonceau  and knew that it was the one.  A powder room is an opportunity to do something more daring than you might do for the rest of the house and for me, this is daring!  I only covered one feature wall to save money since the paper was pretty pricey.

Here's a peak of the room when we first moved in...
A new vanity, toilet, mirror and lighting instantly updated the 1970's decor.  I found the mirror at Home Goods and the light is actually an outdoor fixture from Lowe's. Much less expensive than an interior light would be.

I painted everything white a few months ago to cover the raw plaster walls, after the old wallpaper came down, but now it was time for the wow factor.
 Just in time for the Thanksgiving crowd!  


  1. Oh Rita, This is stunning! Worth the wait, I'd say!

  2. Ran across this post while searching for ideas to show a new client; who has a relatively small bathroom. She thought the only way to make a beautiful bathroom would be to tear down & expand, which I was trying to show her otherwise. I know other remodelers would've just agreed so they can make extra money, but I care more about my client's joy than the money. So I showed her this post and that it definitely can be done! Thank you for sharing! and now the renovation process begins :)


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