Monday, September 21, 2015

Breaking the Fast: Around the World

For us, breaking the Yom Kippur fast is always the same...lox is the star of the meal, eaten on a bagel with cream cheese. On the side might be whitefish salad and cheese blintzes. I learned that Ashkenazim usually break the fast with something salty because fish restores salt lost by the body while fasting. But how do Jews living abroad break the fast? I did a little research and found out...
1. Lox on a bagel (if you're gluten-free try Trader Joe's gluten free bagels--fantastic!) Egg and cheese dishes — dairy products in general, are popular among the Ashkenazim for the first foods after Yom Kippur.    2. Pan dulce, a sweet yeast bread in loaf form or rolls, is served by some Sephardim before and after the fast.  3. Some Moroccan Jews break the fast with fijuelas, a deep-fried pastry soaked in sweet syrup.  4. Central European Jews ate cheese kuchen, a coffee cake, for the meal following Yom Kippur.   5. Zimbabwe Jews break the fast with juice and traditional rolls with oil called rusks, oil biscuits and cheese. Later they dine on a meal of cold chicken, fried fish, chicken soup and other sweets.   6. The Yemeni Jews start with a little-known dairy soup or savory porridge, made with buttermilk or sour cream, thickened with flour and garnished with schug, a spicy, chimichurri-like condiment made of hot peppers, coriander and garlic.   7. The Jews of India have a semolina-filled turnover called singara or kushli.   8. Herring was the cheapest fish in Eastern Europe, where the custom originated.   9. Italians typically break the fast with il bolio, an Italian sweet yeast bread. They then enjoy a meal with soup and pasta, chicken, fish, stewed fennel, cold noodles with sauce, sweet cakes and fruit.

I hope you have an easy fast...what will you be breaking it with?


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