Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Half Bath

We've been living in our (not so new) home for almost three years. Every room has been painted, designed and tinkered with except for the half bath. Because I just couldn't decide which direction I wanted to go, it sat here for two years with the raw plaster walls.  I want to do something fun and dramatic but there are just too many choices...and guess what's on the walls now? White! How's that for dramatic?

The top right is a photo of what it looked like when we moved in. I replaced the vanity, sink, toilet and mirror which were a huge improvement. 
 Here are some of the ideas I pinned on Pinterest over the years...
Rosegarden paper from Rebel Walls
Sisters of the Sun, Juju Papers
Draw my own design like this one from Old Brand new Blog?
Otomi from Hygge & West

Nightingale Designs

I think I've finally pinned it down. Stay turned for the finished room!

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