Friday, July 24, 2015

The New/Old House:Table turned Bench

This used to be a beautiful mango wood coffee table but since the wood was damaged and extra seating was badly needed in this room we turned it into a bench.
Here's how:
1. Mark the table to determine where the tufted buttons will be.
2. Drill a hole for each button.
3. After covering the tabletop with two layers of foam, cover the top with batting, using a staple gun.
4. Next, cover the batting with your fabric, keeping the fabric tight and corners neat.
5. Cover the buttons according to the directions on the package. We found the upholstery fabric was too thick and had to use thinner cotton gray fabric instead.
6. Using a long upholstery needle, pull the button though the hole you drilled. We used thin wire in place of thread to keep it extra strong.
See the photo on the mantle of 770? It's huge...38 inches wide but only cost $6.00 for an engineer print at Staples!

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