Thursday, July 30, 2015

The New/Old House: The Girl's Room

After many months of painting, upholstering and assembling, the girl's room is finally done!
Although it's a large room it was tricky making it work for two girls. The beds had to go in this bay window area and since things are tight, it was important for the beds to be sleek and not take up any more room than they had to. I made the upholstered headboards from two inexpensive Ikea Fjellse bed frames. The wood blinds came with the house...they were dark brown and I spray painted them white!

Because the desk and bulletin board had to fit exactly into an existing fireplace, it was custom made using Ikea legs and a file drawer unit.
You can read how I made it here.  The white dresser is large enough for both girls—it was a Craig's list find, originally dark brown which I painted white.
The duvet covers from Land of Nod was the inspiration for the colors of the room...
The mirror frame was also dark brown painted coral to match the beds, the chair was found at Hotel Liquidators.

Since the original gold foil name pillows I made were peeled off by Miss Zelda, new gold metallic embroidered pillows now take their place.

I hope the girl's love their room as much as I do!


  1. I'd love to see a sketch of the floor plan to understand all the layout issues. You are the best bubby and I'm sure Moussia and Zelda will be telling their grandchildren about their very special shared room!

  2. I agree with Fairfax....the layout is interesting to me....but the colors of the room are truly lovely. I'd love it for myself..

  3. It's fantastic! Your solutions for the room's challenges are ingenious. I'm sure your granddaughters will enjoy it for years to come.


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