Monday, July 6, 2015

A First Studio Apartment

Our niece Peri is finishing grad school this summer and moving into her first "after-college" place—a studio apartment she can call her own. Although the budget is tight she still wants it to look chic and needs to divide the one room into a living and a bedroom space. Here's what I planned for her...
1. Instead of a bedside table she'll get more bang from a small desk like this Norrasen desk from Ikea. It can be used as a vanity table or a desk. Pair it with a vintage Craig's list wood chair painted a fun color in high gloss paint.
2. You can't beat Target for accent tables and this Hourglass Accent table in a copper finish will add glam while the round shape works well in a tight space.
3. Floor lamps will work better than table lamps in a small space like this Hektar from Ikea. 
4. Armless slipper chairs are perfect for small apartments and this Ravenna Chair from World Market is now on sale!
5. The Chloe velvet sofa from Macy's is beautiful and since the fabric is actually polyester it holds up so well. (I should know—I own one myself!)
6. The Kallax room divider from Ikea is the workhorse of this room. I would add a plywood back for privacy and paint it a fun color (both sides). One side can have an art wall and the other will add a peek of color to the back of the cubbies. 
7. This Safavieh vintage rug from Overstock looks expensive but it's only $166!

Here's the floor plan...across from the sofa is the TV which can sit on a Craig's list dresser (easy to find) painted a fun color.
Can't wait to see photos of the finished apartment!


  1. Your design is stunning. I'm sure your niece will enjoy her first place. May I please share one word of caution. I purchased that rug from overstock a year ago. While it is beautiful and inexpensive it is not a good value. We have three spots on the rug that needed to be cleaned from normal use. Cleaning those areas ruined the pile. I'm heartbroken that the rug is ruined. I would not buy that rug again if I had the chance to do it over. Even if it's not expensive it can be frustrating to buy something that won't hold up. May I suggest carpet squares from FLOR or buying a real wool rug from an outlet store. Best of luck to your niece.

    1. Wow--I'll pass this on to Peri...Thanks for the info!

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