Thursday, June 25, 2015

Painting Wood Blinds

I guess the neighbors think I'm crazy but I've been in our backyard most of this week spray-painting wood blinds for the girls room.
They started out brown and I wanted them white—I checked Pinterest and found another blogger who tried this and said it worked, so I hooked mine up to a ladder outdoors and started painting.
They each took a coat of primer followed by two or three coats of semi-gloss white.
Below is a pic of the brown wood blinds. The good news? They are excellent quality and custom made to fit four windows in the girl's room. The bad? The brown looked so masculine in a little girl's room decorated in corals, soft grays and blue/greens.
At first I tried to cover them with white Ikea curtain panels...
but decided it really wasn't working.
So I keep painting...I'm on the last one. At least this is the last major thing I'm finishing in their room so stay tuned for the reveal!


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  4. How did they turn out?

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