Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Finger Painting for Grown-Up's

Here's an easy and fun way to create art for your wall in minutes. If you loved finger painting as a kid you'll love this!
I found my frame before I began this project—it's from my favorite place for cheap furniture and accessories...Hotel Liquidators. It already had the beveled white mat and beautiful gold finish. I simply removed the "hotel art" and made sure my size would fit into the dimensions of the frame.
On a white sheet of watercolor paper, I rolls on two coats of a light blue green paint color.   After that dried, I rolled on a coat of a taupe colored metallic paint from Modern Masters. Working quickly while it was still wet I finger-painted to my hearts content!
I love how the metallic paint is more like a glaze and picks up the blue underneath while adding texture. So easy!

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