Friday, May 29, 2015

This & That...end of May

Here's what I've been up to...
1. It's a good idea to keep a bottle of Oxi-Clean next to the hamper in the bedroom but that bottle is so unattractive! I poured mine into a clean spray bottle and gave it a chic new label. So much better.
2. Started working on the "peel and stick" vinyl gold stars in Ariel's foyer—we're doing the ceiling, too. When it's done it should look like wallpaper!
3. Bought a patio set on Craig's list but I hated the color of the original wood so I gave it a coat of dark wood stain and it looks like new.
4. Sometime flowers are overrated...just look at this beautiful concrete planter with various shades of greens.

Have a good weekend and Shabbat Shalom!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Finger Painting for Grown-Up's

Here's an easy and fun way to create art for your wall in minutes. If you loved finger painting as a kid you'll love this!
I found my frame before I began this project—it's from my favorite place for cheap furniture and accessories...Hotel Liquidators. It already had the beveled white mat and beautiful gold finish. I simply removed the "hotel art" and made sure my size would fit into the dimensions of the frame.
On a white sheet of watercolor paper, I rolls on two coats of a light blue green paint color.   After that dried, I rolled on a coat of a taupe colored metallic paint from Modern Masters. Working quickly while it was still wet I finger-painted to my hearts content!
I love how the metallic paint is more like a glaze and picks up the blue underneath while adding texture. So easy!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Flowers + Fruit

I planned on buying flowers for Shavuot but instead used what I had right in my front yard...
I love the combination of pink and orange so I stuck wood skewers into a few clementines and incorporated the fruit into the centerpiece.

After all, when the front yard looks like this...
who needs a florist?
Happy Shavuot!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Transforming a Nightstand

I purchased a nightstand from Hotel Liquidators a while ago but never had time to do anything with it. Although I should be prepping for the Shavuot lunch I am hosting, I took time to finally cross this project off my list.
Below is the before...I paid $35 for it and it's super heavy and sturdy...only not very attractive.
Here's how I transformed it...
1. After removing the hardware, the holes were patched with Spackle, followed by one coat of primer.  The bottom drawer was also removed along with any hardware so it became a cubbie instead of a drawer.
2. After two coats of paint a new hole was drilled since the new pulls only required one hole.
3. A thin bead of glue ran along the indentations on the drawer fronts.
4. Gold cording was glued into place.
Such an improvement! The new pulls are from Knobs4Less and the paint is Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray in the Advance line of paint.

Okay, enough decorating...time to hit the kitchen!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Easy Flowers for the Shavuot Table

Aside from the cheesecake, Shavuot is all about flowers...we decorate our home and synagogue with flowers and greens because when the Jews stood at the foot of Mount Sinai (in awe, awaiting the granting of the Torah) it was carpeted with greens and sweet smelling flowers. 

The best spot for flowers is on the table—perfect if you're hosting any of the meals for Shavuot. Here is a little inspiration for beautiful table settings that will make you look like a professional florist, even if you're not!
So easy...grab a handful of the same color tulips from the supermarket and pop them into clear glass containers. Don't mix them with any other flower or greens or you'll ruin this effect. Photo: left, right
Snip a few sprigs from your garden or a pot of flowers and slip onto a napkin.
Photo: left, right

Buying potted flowers for the deck or patio? They'll be perfect on the holiday table.
Photo: right

Spring is the perfect season to celebrate Shavuot with flowers!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Meet Einat from Eina Design

Today I am thrilled to feature Einat, a talented graphic designer from Israel that recently started a charming Etsy shop.

What exactly is Eina Design?
Eina Design is unique, laser-cut home decor. My products are made in my family’s metal factory, which was founded by my grandfather 60 years ago. I live in Tel Aviv, Israel with my husband and our two little boys.

Eina Design started about three years ago when I moved to a new apartment. I was looking for a place to display my designer toy collection; when I couldn’t find a shelf I liked, I decided to create one myself. The result was gorgeous, so I didn’t stop there – next I made hook hangers for the boys’ room and a lace-inspired shelf for the kitchen. I didn’t realize the potential in my products until my family and friends came to visit and expressed an interest in buying my work. That was the decisive moment for me.

Where do you get your ideas?
I find inspiration in many places and spaces: in music, art, and architecture. Inspiration is truly everywhere. My family factory is a huge source of inspiration as well – I enjoy exploring the different machinery and materials, and thinking about how to transform rough elements into delicate pieces. I’m also inspired by my boys. Their endless imaginary world is a fountain of ideas and creativity.

What is the design process?
I design for myself and test out all of my products as much as possible. I use a rapid prototyping process, and I try to get as much feedback from close family and friends as I can. The cycle of prototyping, testing, and asking for feedback can be tedious, but it’s worth the effort. My product development never stops – the cycle continues even after items are sold. Customer feedback, suggestions and requests all go into the design process for future versions of my products.
Have you been pleased working with Etsy?
For me, Etsy is a dream come true. It connects me to customers all around the world and creates a constant dialogue that allows me to continue developing my work. Being a part of this huge community of creators is inspiring and empowering. 

What can we look forward to from Eina Design?
I’m currently researching new materials to work with, and I plan to launch a new set of products very soon.

Thank you Einat—I can't wait to order some items for my grand children's rooms that I am working on! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The New/Old House: A Fabric Wall

Although there are three guest rooms on the third floor of Ariel's house only two of them were "guest ready."  The holiday of Shavout is only three weeks away and they are expecting a houseful of people, so she really wanted to finish the third guest room. 

It's a small room but the walls are horrible—peeling and crumbling plaster.  Covering the main wall with fabric took take of that problem easily and inexpensively.
When I tell you this project was quick I mean it...Zelda goes to pre-school for three hours so we had to get the job done during that time, and we did!
Here's the before:
 And here's how we did it:
1.The fabric is actually sheets from Target! We ordered two sets and even had pillowcases and a fitted sheet to use on the bed.
2. The sad peeling walls.
3. Ariel used her trusty stud finder to find the studs in the wall. Then we nailed thin strips of wood across the top to hold the staples.
4. I stapled the sheets to the wood strips.
The rest of the room needs some paint and furniture but the fabric makes the room feel much cleaner and the old fashioned paisley print works well with the Victorian house. Now I need to find a teal paint color for the nightstand!

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Girls Room: Bed Pillows

I'm still working on the girl's room (but the end is in sight!) and these throw pillows for their beds are one of my favorite things so far.

Each twin bed will have two pillows...a larger polka dot trimmed in pom poms and a lumbar size pillow with their names.
The gold foil iron-on vinyl is designed to be used with a craft paper cutting machine, but since I don't have one I cut each letter out with scissors. Here's how:
After choosing my font and printing it out, I took it to a copy shop to blow it up to the desired size and printed it in a mirror image.
Using carbon paper, I traced the reverse letter on the backside of the gold vinyl (gray side) and cut each letter out with sharp scissors. Next the letter was placed on fabric and ironed in place.
After it cooled I carefully peeled off the plastic protective coating on each letter. 
The gold is so fun for a girl's room!
The dot pillows are from this Etsy shop, and I added the pom-pom trim myself.

Can't wait to see how they look on the beds!
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