Monday, March 2, 2015

The New/Old House:Upholstered Headboards

The girl's room is far from finished but the focal point of the room—the beds, are done!  

Upholstering the headboards on two
Ikea Fjellse bed frames was an expensive and impressive solution for two little girls sharing a room. Sometimes these DIY projects don't always work but here, everything went smoothly according to the plan which I posted last month.
I was lucky to have a wood craftsman at a local lumberyard cut the pieces of MDF for me since my talents do not include woodworking!
1. After assembling the Ikea headboards I starting sketching the shape on a large sheet of Kraft paper.
2. I drew one side, then folded the paper in half so that both sides were identical.
3. The paper was taped to the head board to make sure the size and proportions were right.
4. Using my template, the lumberyard cut the 1/4 inch MDF and screwed both headboards to the bed frame. I painted any exposed wood in a coral paint color.
5. I used a foam mattress topper from Walmart to cover the MDF board—much less expensive than foam from the fabric store. A full size was enough to cover both headboards.
6. Using a sharpie marker, I traced the shape of the headboards and cut the foam with scissors. Next, it was spray mounted to the board.
7. Batting from the fabric store...
8. was stapled over the foam to make it extra soft.
9. The coral colored fabric is from (Be sure to have several boxes of staples on hand for a project like this...lots of stapling!)

There's more to do before I can reveal the finished room, but it's off to a good start and the girl's love their new beds!


  1. Looks so pretty! And you Managed to do it before Purim too.
    Curious, how much did the whole project cost?

    1. I would guess not including the beds from Ikea, the headboards came to about $170. That includes the labor of cutting the shapes for the headboards.


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