Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Passover Place Cards

If you're having a large Seder it can be helpful to have place cards at each seat to avoid confusion. Here's a fun place card you can make for the Seder table—guaranteed to make kids and adults (big kids) smile!
It's really just pieces of colored paper that are cut and glued together to create this cute frog. Here is the template...simply copy and paste it onto a Word document, then print out on your home printer.
You'll need colored paper, carbon paper, sharp scissors and glue.
1. Slip a sheet of carbon paper under the template and onto the colored paper.
2. After tracing all shapes, cut each one with sharp scissors.
3. Add a drop of glue on each piece and assemble to create the frog.
4. For the back, cut a rectangle, fold as shown and glue on to the back.
That's it!

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