Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fresh Looks for Shabbat Candlesticks

Do you light Shabbat candles every Friday night? It's one of the first mitzvahs I began—it's pretty easy: just check the candle lighting time for your location and be sure to light one candle for each member of your family. You can find the prayer and details here.

Judaica shops sell many Shabbat candlesticks but why limit yourself to those? Here are candlesticks from many of my favorite home design stores. Most are more stylish than what you'd find at Judaica stores and often less expensive. Since the candles burn all the way down, avoid wood or glass and stick to a metal.
These Silver Plated Candlesticks once reserved for grand hotels make a striking addition to your sideboard.
Modern heirlooms in brilliant stainless steel designed by the British design studio Robert Welch, whose works are in museum collections all over the world. Refined trumpet shapes are stunning when displayed in multiples.
The modern antique bronze finish of these Metal Taper Candleholders look great in a traditional or modern setting.
 These candlesticks capture the look of hand-sculpted silver. 
 The Iron Age meets the modern era in the sophisticated simplicity of this sculptural centerpiece. 
 Antique brass finish adds richness and a vintage vibe to the sculptural profile of these stunning candleholders.
 This black metal pillar from Target is only $14.99!

What do you use for your Shabbat candles?


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