Thursday, January 29, 2015

10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Tu B'Shevat

Tu B' Shevat is next Wednesday, February 4th (15th of Shevat).  Here are some creative ideas to incorporate the holiday into your week...
1. Make some yummy chocolate bark incorporating many the seven species of Israel (like almonds, figs, and wheat).
2.Plant some seeds indoors and they'll be ready to transplant this spring.
 3. Invite friends for a Tu B' Shevat Seder and serve foods on the seven species list.
4. Make mini tree place settings for each guest
5. Make a fruit bouquet.
6. Try making a family tree. It's a great conversation piece when the holiday's over!
7. Dried fruit in paper cups are simply presented in parchment paper wraps.
8. Play with your food and create these charming trees.
9. Download the art to create this pretty banner for free!
10. Don't have mini trees? Fake it with some fallen branches and paper leaves, here.


  1. Love these ideas. I'm all about the seven species!

  2. Thank you so much for these great ideas! I wasn't born Jewish, but my kids and husband were. Growing up I was use to celebrations, decorations and having traditions for every holiday. I loved that as a kid and having all of these things to look forward to and to get excited about. I missed having that with a lot of the Jewish holidays. I would ask my husband how certain holidays were observed and what I could do to get the kids more involved and he would say that his family would just go to Temple or not really do anything. I didn't want just that for my kids. I wanted them to understand the holidays and the significance of each one through experiences, reading stories together, putting up decorations, creating our own traditions or *doing* something that would make them understand the meaning. I just found your site and am going through post by post to bookmark all of these wonderful ideas. I think it is very important to help kids understand a holiday by observing it in a way that they can really understand or make sense of it. It is difficult to do that in some cases, but the ideas you have here really create associations that will make sense to them and at the same time create some beautiful traditions. Thank you.


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