Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chanukah Decor: Tasteful not Tacky

Here's a common dilemma: You want to decorate your home for Chanukah but most of the decor you find is cheap looking, plastic or garish colors. You don't have time to craft or you're just not the crafty type.

I feel your pain, and that's why I put together this tasteful round-up of Chanukah items
— perfect for a beautiful holiday!
1.  Hanukkah Countdown Calendar  2. Paper Dreidels  3. Happy Hanukkah Garland  4. Kids Melamine Plate   5. Art poster  6. Festival of Lights Pillow

 7. Miracles Letters  8. Embroidered Pillow   9. Hanukkah Garland  10. Star Garland   11. Blue Glitter Wood Decor   12. Window Hanger   13. Hanukkah Crackers

You're welcome.

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