Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Make A Chanukah Pillow

This year I'm going all out and decking our house for Chanukah. Why not bring the holiday into the home with more than just a menorah? 

If you read Jewish lifestyle blogs you may have seen this post from Dena, over at Chai and Home—she featured Chanukah pillows for sale from several retailers. I've been thinking of making my own Chanukah pillow since the summer and since the holiday is six weeks away, now is a good time to make one.
There are many ways to create a Chanukah pillowsince I don't own a fancy Cricut electric cutting machine to create letter and shapes and I don't have a color ink jet printer to print out my design with fabric transfer paper, I made mine simply by tracing onto fabric with sharpie markers. Here's how:

I had some left-over linen fabric from another project so I decided to make my own pillow, but you can buy a plain cover from Ikea if you don't want to sew. Mine is off-white but colored pillows would also work well.
I created this design...if you'd like to use it too, simply copy and paste it onto a document and print to the desired size.

Next I taped it to a large window...

and taped my fabric right over it.

with the sunlight coming through it's like a giant light-box so it's easy to trace using colored Sharpie markers.

A quick run through the sewing machine, add an insert and my pillow's done!
Lots more Chanukah ideas to come, but first I have to tackle Thanksgiving!
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