Sunday, October 5, 2014

12 Great Decorating Ideas for the Sukkah

For many of us, Sunday was "Sukkah Day". With Yom Kippur behind us and a non-work day for most, Sunday was the ideal day to get the sukkah up and ready for Wednesday night...the first night of Sukkot.  After the tools are put away the fun begins...the decorations!  Here are some of my favorite picks to inspire your sukkah decorating.

N A T U R E  I N S P I R E D
I am crazy for these organic wood beads mixed with dried oranges and autumn leaves.
I created something similar with dried oranges and wood beads stung as a natural garland.
Tie bunches of citrus together, add some leaves and hang from the sechach for elegant decor.
It's as easy as stacking three pumpkins together to create this pumpkin topiary.

L I G H T   U P   T H E   N I G H T
With lots of greenery the white lights are all that is needed to create an elegant setting.
Under the Stars with rows of tiny white lights.
Wrap a hula-hoop with orange lights for a festive chandelier.

 A D D   C O L O R   F O R   F U N !
The children would love to help make these colorful paper rings and fruit garlands.
Paper chains look so pretty when done in a modulation of color like these.
Plastic plates are so cute when they look like giant buttons!
Plastic tablecloths are often one dollar so these streamers couldn't be more of a bargain!
How easy is this? Slice a pool noodle and hang on string to create a garland!

How will you decorate your sukkah? I'd love to see...upload a photo on Facebook!

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