Monday, August 11, 2014

Paper Straw Light Fixture

The ceiling light in Ariel's dairy kitchen was doing it's lit the kitchen which tends to be on the dark side. But it was just a bare light bulbso sad!  We needed to keep the functional part of the light but make it more appealing on a tight budget.
I created a fixture to cover that light bulb and still let the light through for under $5.00!
I already had lots of left-over paper straws was various birthday parties—it's okay that the colors didn't match since it was going to be spray painted. The embroidery hoop was from the craft store and I already had the floral wire and snipers.

Here is the inspiration photo from Pinterest...
and here is a shot of the bare ceiling light before...

To make this, insert the floral wire inside the paper straws to create the shape you are going for. I kept looking at my inspiration photo and imitating that shape as I worked.  The only change I made was using the ring for the top instead of forming it into a point.
Use the wire to attach each shape to one another. When I finished, I used a bit of hot glue where the straws met to cover up the holes in the straws.
I already had the paint—a quick spray of primer covered up all the stripes and made the gold paint go on nice and even. Scotch indoor mounting squares adheres it to the ceiling.
The porcelain base was also painted with gold craft paint.
So much better than a bare light bulb, right? Who knew paper drinking straws could make such a pretty light fixture?
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