Monday, July 28, 2014

Masking Tape Vase

Here's a simple project you can make in no time at all and all you need is an old vase and some colored masking tape.
I love how mine turned out and there are so many variations to this using other colors of tape and different vase shapes.
1. I started with a clear glass vase in a cylinder shape.
2. It was given a quick coat of white spray paint.
3. Gather the colored masking tape...I used five different colors but it's up to you.
4. I cut mine into thin don't have to be exact.
5. Start covering the vase, wrapping the tape around and cutting it at the end.
6. Keep adding additional colors until you are pleased with the finished vase.
These would be great for a doesn't take long to make a dozen or so for multiple tables. You can even choose the colors you like to match the theme of the celebration. (Colored masking tape is popping up in lots of stores...I found a nice selection at Staples.)
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