Monday, June 23, 2014

Wish List

When my six-year-old granddaughter, Moussia has had her fill of two slices of chocolate babka and she wants a third, her parents tell her no, she's had enough. The babka is usually sitting on the table and her response is always "But I see it with my eyes!" 

I'm the same way—but I don't want chocolate babka. Here's what I "see with my eyes" and want now...the list is always changing!
1. I have the perfect spot for this beautiful poster and it will look great in a white frame I already have. The poster is from Help Ink and a percentage of the sale goes to a charity that you choose.
2. The shape of this lamp is traditional but the graphic stripes make it so modern and fun.
3. I love the Marin line of dishes at Crate and Barrel. The ceramic shapes are glazed a soft sky blue and the free-form rims make it look hand made.
4. Why are most ritual hand washing cups so unattractive? These are handmade and feel so organic.
5. The patio is stained and so is the picnic table. Now I'm ready for these Urban chairs from Ikea. They'll be great for squeezing people around the table and they stack when summer's over.
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