Monday, June 16, 2014

Store Crush: Stonewall Kitchen

When I walk though a store and I'm inspired to buy something I know it will go on my list of favorites. Stonewall Kitchen is one of those stores. Based in York, Maine they now have 11 retail stores on the east coast and this one is not far from where I live.
Although they are famous for their jams and other foods, most are not certified kosher so I don't buy them :(. But, there is so much more that inspires me every time I visit.

When you enter the store, up front is a table that changes with the seasons. Since it's summer right now they have a beautiful display of nautical items...perfect for entertaining for a summer bar-b-Que or party.
One side of the store are sale items that are either discontinued or out of season.
Do I need some moss?
Maybe some bowls or beautiful glassware?
These S'mores in a bag are such a cute idea for Shalach Manos!
Even the store decor has some great inspiration for decorating ideas.
There are always interesting plantings happening in the garden out back that gives me ideas for my own garden. 

Happy Shopping!
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