Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Newport, Rhode Island

One of the things I love about living in Connecticut is that we're only a short drive to so many beautiful places in the Northeast.  Sunday was one of those perfect days—temps in the 70's and blue skies...the perfect day for a trip to enjoy the outdoors. Newport was our destination.

Newport, Rhode Island is called "City by the Sea" because it has an area of 11.5 square miles, 8 of which are land and 3.5 water!  It seems like everywhere you turn you are surrounded by water.

Thames Street is the nerve center of Newport's thriving downtown/waterfront area. It is lined on each side with countless restaurants, shops and historic homes.

One of my favorite stops of the day was touring America's oldest synagogue—the famous Touro SynagogueIt was built in 1658 by families from Spain and Portugal.
I was immediately taken with it's understated beauty. The green/gray paint colors and brass accents chosen in the 1600's look perfect today.  See that center photo on the right? It's the presidential seating area and George Washington sat there!

I'm a sucker for classic New England architecture and these colorful doors were so inspirational.
They look historic but modern at the same time. Note to self: paint our front door this summer!

We ended the day with a stroll on Newport's famous Cliff Walk. Need I say more? Breathtaking!
Since this was a day trip we ran out of time to tour the Newport'll have to wait until our next visit!
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