Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Matzah Vase:Revisited

I still have a great fondness for the matzah vase which first appeared in my book, Jewish Holiday Style published by Simon & Schuster in 1999. Since that was quite a few years ago I thought it was time for a little recap. 
The great thing about these are that they are simple and inexpensive to make and put a smile on everyone's face at the Seder.
 Here's how to make one...
1. Run some hot glue along the edge of one piece of square matzah. 
2. Stick it together with another piece of matzah to form two sides.
3. Add a third side the same way, with hot glue on the edges.
4. After adding the fourth piece you should have a cube with no bottom.
5. Add a waterproof container that is not taller than the top of the matzah. I found the pink bucket at the dollar store.
6. You may want to use some spray urethane—spray the entire vase outdoors to keep it strong and preserve it for years to come.
Add the flowers of your choice (I love tulips) and you're done!
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