Friday, March 14, 2014

Celiacs Just Wanna Have Hamantashen

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease eight years ago and haven't eaten gluten since. Back then, gluten-free products were hard to find but today gluten-free has become the "in" way to eat—even for those that are not diagnosed with Celiac. Although I buy gluten-free pizza crusts and breads, I haven't tasted Hamantashen in years. So when I saw this recipe on chana's art room, I had to try it.
I already had all the ingredients since I bought some almond meal at Trader Joe's a while ago and had no idea what to do with it!
I liked that all the ingredients are tossed into a food processor—no mixing or sifting.

The recipe is really healthy, so these don't taste like a sweet cookie. I even added peanut butter and dark chocolate as my filling so they're packed with protein.
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