Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello Sunshine: Shalach Manos Baskets

It's been a rough winter here in Connecticut and I'm sure our friends and family could use a bit of sunshine! This year my theme for our Shalach Manos baskets is all things lemon.
I made the sunshine gift tags on PicMonkey and tied the whole thing up with a yellow and white striped ribbon.

Here's what's inside each basket...
I had so much fun searching for "lemon" items to use for our baskets!
Since many of our recipients are very strict with their kosher observance,  I include a guide explaining the kosher certification of items I may have unwrapped like the jelly beans and cookies.

I started a tradition a few years ago. I give each grandchild their own Shalach Manos gift—I used to get away with only two but this year Zelda is almost two years old so I needed to put together three since she MUST have the same thing as her older brother and sister! The yellow boxes are Chinese food "take out" containers from Michael's filled with special candy and small toys and wrapped with the same yellow striped ribbon.
I love making these so much I actually have my theme picked for next year's Purim!
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