Monday, January 20, 2014

Spiky Art

Here's what I made last's hanging on our living room wall.

Let me explain: When we vacationed in Kennebunkport, Maine last summer I was in awe of the decor in the beautiful bed and breakfast we stayed at.  One the things that I was smitten with were the spiky looking metal art pieces on the wall. 
Are they art? A flower? Who cares! They are so dramatic and add texture and interest to a dull wall. 

So, when I was shopping at the local garden center buying potting soil and saw these green things mixed in with the leftover Christmas ornaments I had an ah-ha moment.

The shape looks like the cool spiky things I saw on the wall in Kennebunkport.

Since everything's better sprayed gold I got to work.
I used six in total and put them together in bunches of two, tied together with some floral wire. 

The wire was slipped onto Command hooks that can easily come off without leaving any damage to the wall...
just in case my husband finally notices them and asks "what the heck is that?!"
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