Thursday, October 30, 2014

This & That

I was planning on painting Yosef's room this week but I was a bit under the weather so I'm way behind of that project. Here's what's up in my little world...

1. Yes, Friday night is Shabbat but that won't keep the neighborhood kids from coming by for treat-or-treat candy so I'm prepared.
2. Ordered a few of these simple Dreidel garlands I found on etsy. They are only $6.00 and I like them so much more than the ongepotchket offerings at most stores.
3. Spent hours painting an end table with a metallic glaze only to finish and realize I hated it...painted over the entire table white.  Now I hate the white.
4. First grade is agreeing with Moussia...she loves school!
5. Snapped this on my way home today...still a few weeks left of fall foliage before all the leaves are down.
6. Target has this awesome brass Menorah for only $20. I'd buy it if I didn't already have multiples in my Chanukah box!

Enjoy your Shabbat or Halloween...whichever you are celebrating.

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