Friday, October 3, 2014

Bar Stools from Charish

Last month I sold a pair of bed frames on Charishit's an exclusive curator-approved, online marketplace for vintage furniture.  I was so impressed with their "white glove" service—the beds were picked up from my home, wrapped and handled with care.  After they were delivered to the buyer I received a check in the mail! 

Here's the story with our bar stools...
Last year we completed a huge kitchen reno. It involved removing the wall between the dining room and kitchen which created a spot for this awesome breakfast bar.  After spending way more $$ on the kitchen than I hoped, I bought these stools...they were cheap but basically worked in the space. 

Now that we're using the space daily I'm finding the stools are not as comfortable as I'd like. I think something with a back would make them a lot more user friendly. Charish has some great choices and these are some that I'm considering...
The white deck stool (left) would be a nice contrast to my dark base cabinet. The black industrial stools would look great in the kitchen and play off the industrial looking brass light fixture over the sink. And the upholstered leather would be so comfortable and we'd probably sit there a lot more often!  There are lots of other bar stools at Charish—it's fun to check out their website every so often since things are always changing.

Which one would you choose?


  1. I've actually been looking at stools similar to your current set for the bar area in the house we are buying. I felt that because of the flow of the space, a backed stool would break up the space oddly. What do you find uncomfortable?

  2. Your selections are very nice. I'd have to get a set of each and switch them off and on. Can you guess that I'm a bit of a dreamer? LOL

  3. I like the black industrial stools.


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