Monday, September 8, 2014

Displaying New Year Cards

I don't have an ideal spot in our home to display the Jewish New Year cards that have started dribbling in the mail this week. So, I came up with a simple idea that can go anywhere from a coffee table, kitchen counter or sideboard and shows off the cards nicely.
I started out with a simple wood tray and filled it with some mini pumpkins I found at Pier One. You can also use cranberries when they're in season, acorns or small stones.
The cards are simply clipped with wood clothes pins. (I used a bit of putty on the bottom to keep the pins from falling over.)
Just use a larger tray if you are popular and receive lots of cards!


  1. This is clever... and versatile! It could be used with other fillings for Chanukah cards or birthday cards. Or during the rest of the year it could display photos, postcards, etc. Love it!

    1. Yes--a tray filled with dreydels or gelt for Chanukah would be perfect!


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