Monday, July 14, 2014

Toothless in Amherst

Our granddaughter Moussia is six years old and lost her first baby tooth on Shabbat!
It's been loose for a while and I told her I would make her a special box that she could keep her tooth in. Here's how:
1. I found an unfinished wood box at the craft store.   
2. This label was created on picmonkey.   
3. Teal craft paint was used to match her room colors--two coats for good coverage.
4. Washi tape was brushed on with Mod Podge to keep it from coming off.
5. Leftover beads were glued onto the bottom to create little "feet".
6. The inside was painted a bright apple green.
 Now she's waiting for the $$ in exchange for the tooth!

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