Monday, June 30, 2014

Curb Appeal

Okay, so we've lived here for over eighteen months and I planned on painting the front door over a year ago. (You can read about it here.) It was one of those things that went on the back burner...until now. It's finally done and it's amazing how a bit of color can transform the curb appeal to a home.
Here's a peak of the door taken last spring...
The storm door was replaced with a full length one that shows more of the wood door.
After much trial and error I finally picked Covington blue. It's a beautiful soft color, somewhere between a green and blue.
I have a pet peeve about storm doors that are not painted the same color as the door. People: do not leave your storm door white! It should be the same color as your door to get the most impact and have a layered, saturated color look.
This iron bird knocker was only $12.00 and adds so much character to the door.
Now the house numbers look really sad next to the freshly painted door so that's next on the to-do list!

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