Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Staining a Concrete Patio

I'm planning to have a trellis built this summer. It will sit on our patio and give us much needed shade and serve as our sukkah in the fall. (How easy is that? Just add walls and sechach!) 

But before the work on the trellis can begin I had to do something with the ugly concrete that made up the patio. My first choice was to cover it with either brick pavers or teak decking tiles but both of those came in over $1,000 (ouch) and I wanted to do this inexpensively. 
Here's what it looked like when the previous owner lived here...
The surface was SO blotchy but it was in good shape so stain was my solution.

I bought this concrete stain from Sherwin Williams...
I had them tint it a very dark gray. It was also much thicker that I liked so I added a lot of water to get it to a nice consistency that was easy to spread. For less than $40 my patio really looks like new.

It was simply a matter of rolling it on with a thick roller pad.
It dries really fast and now it looks so much smoother and newer, too.
A large table for entertaining was a must and this one was on Craig's List...
A local guy built seven of these eight foot tables for his wedding last October!  It needs a coat of gray stain to protect the wood—the contrast of rustic and sleek will look great with the Urban chair from Ikea...
That was $40 well spent!


  1. I love what you've done to the patio and your idea about the table and the trellis.
    I'm sure it will look fabulous. Great job!
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you...we'll see how the rest comes together this summer!

  2. Great idea right here! I love how the gray blends well into your landscape. Concrete stains do make your patio pop out of your house and literally scream out the beauty of your exterior.

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