Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Room Two Ways

Now that Passover is behind us I'm scrambling to finish many projects around the house that still are not competed—Ariel (my daughter) and her family will be moving to a new home this summer and I have a funny feeling I'll be super busy up in Massachusetts decorating her new home this summer! Here's my first project...

Moussia and Zelda will be sharing a bedroom and I found these wonderful matching twin bed frames at a used furniture shop a while ago. Since moving day is only a few months away I need to start painting them. But before I can paint we need to decide what the rest of the room will look like.  Ariel and I are bouncing around several ideas...

Plan A:
This one is Ariel's first choice. Paint the beds black (just like I painted Moussia's old bed). We'll be using her current Marimekko duvet cover with their famous Unikko pattern. Since this color is no longer available, we'll open it up at the seams and adds a fun contrasting fabric on the other side to get two duvets out of one. I'm giving them my Dash and Albert Monty rug, and Ariel wants to paint gold dots on the feature wall. I like it a lot but I'm worried that the gold dots might be too busy with the duvet covers.

Plan B:
This one is my choice. Paint the walls a rich teal and the bed frames a high gloss white. Use the same Monty rug and duvet covers and keep everything else in the room very lightpicture frames, other furniture and accessories would all be light colors to contrast the deep walls.

I don't think we can go too wrong with either design. What are your thoughts?


  1. I vote for very small polka dots and stick to plan A ;) -Ariel

    1. I couldn't find a stock photo of tiny gold dots...that will work.

  2. Both are nice, but I've gotta side with Ariel on this one- I love love love the black beds and gold polka dots!!! :)


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