Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Favors for an Art Birthday Party

Now that Purim is behind us I can start preparing for the next big event at our house...Moussia's Art themed birthday party!
These party favors are filled with mini art supplies and candy and the clear containers show off the supplies.
1. Found these plastic canisters from the dollar store...the size and shape are perfect!
2. Each one is filled with mini watercolors, markers, colorful pads of paper and candy.
3. Moussia wrote a thank you note and I made color copies of it reduced to fit on a small tag.
4. Colorful chevron ribbon is the perfect finishing touch.

Still have much to do but I can cross party favors off the list!


  1. Beautiful favors! And I envy your kids having such a creative mom to help plan these parties for your grandkids!

  2. Wow...i love such type of party. i have 1 child and his birthday is coming now so i planed to hire amusementcentral to arrange the party. because they arrange the party beautiful with economical prices.


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