Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dipped Marshmallows

In keeping with the art theme for Moussia's upcoming birthday party I dipped white marshmallows to look like they were dipped in paint!
It was easy to find kosher marshmallows this time of year in the Passover isle. I used food coloring mixed with water to get the colored effect.
A few drops of food coloring was poured into a disposable plastic container mixed with a bit of water. 
After a few dips, I mixed some of the colors to create new colors like green and purple.
They're so colorful and fun for a six year old's party!


  1. J'aime ces couleurs!!!!
    Magnifique idée pour un anniversaire!!!
    Le printemps est là
    Belle journée à vous

  2. Hi Nadyne,
    I don't speak french but it looks like a compliment!


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