Friday, February 28, 2014

This + That

Another busy week...working on decorating a living room for a client (more on that soon), started an upholstery class at the local high school, and found some great furniture pieces at my new favorite used furniture store.

1. I needed a "practice" piece for the upholstery class this week. (so excited—I've been wanting learn how to upholster forever!) This chair should work in the guest bedroom when it's done.
2. Or course, the chair needs fabricI bought this shower curtain from Home Goods. I think it will look great on that chair. (You get a lot of yardage for not much money with a shower curtain.)
3. Also found these incredible matching twin beds for Moussia and Zelda (when Zelda is out of her toddler bed.)  I think they're called Canonball beds and they are solid cherry...very well built. I'll eventually paint them a fun color for two little girls.
4. Painted the bottom part of our coffee table legs gold for the" dipped" look. You can see the legs in the background are not yet painted and how a little bit of gold adds so much glam to a plain coffee table! 

Have a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom. 

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