Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Make Your Own Purim Banner

Purim is such a fun holiday—parties, costumes, food basket gifts and more. So when we entertain this year, I want the dining room to look just as happy as the holiday. I couldn't find any ready-made decorations that fit the bill so I made some myself.

To save time, I deconstructed a banner that I found for a baby shower. (really!)
The banner is from Michael'ssold in the baby shower aisle. I noticed that many of the letters were already the same. There was an H-A-Y for the word Happy and I could make the B's into P's pretty easily. The W turned upside down looks like an M and the H is easy to make into a U with some extra card stock. You get the idea. 

The pastel colors of the baby shower banner didn't work for Purim so I painted each letter in bright happy colors like orange, turquoise and lime green. You can find the instructions for the pom-pom Purim groggers here.

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