Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY a Custom Bulletin Board

Why settle for a standard cork bulletin board when it's so easy to make a custom board with your choice of fabric in any size, perfectly fit for where you need it?

I decided our mudroom was a good place for ours to hang. It's where we drop our keys, charge our phones and hang coats when we enter through the garage door. Because you can see this room from the kitchen I wanted something that looked fresh and colorful.
I found the fabric 50% off at Joanne's and had my local lumber yard cut and miter the molding exactly the size I needed to fit on the side of a cabinet. They also cut some homasote board which is under the fabric. Ever since I saw a story in an old Martha Stewart magazine, I’ve been wanting to make a homasote bulletin board--it’s a type of building material made of recycled paper and it makes fantastic bulletin boards, either plain, or covered.
My local lumberyard offers a shop service...I simply draw what I want and give it to the guy in the shop. He does the cutting, I put it together and paint.
 The fabric was cut about one inch larger than the homasote board.
It's easy to staple since the board is soft.

The frame is not a necessity but I like the way it finishes the whole thing.

Next up: finish painting the whole room which I'll share next week!

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