Friday, December 27, 2013

What Was That Paint Color?

I love to chat with the guys at my paint store. I'm not talking about the ones who work in the paint department at the big box stores...I mean the people at the smaller shops that have been in the paint business for years and are a wealth of knowledge. 

Here is the latest tip I got this week...Have you ever wanted to repaint a room after several years but forgot what paint color you used? Try this little trick you'll always have the right color on hand.

Simply write the paint colors and manufacturer on the back of a light switch plate in that room! Genius, right?
Of course, you can use a sharpie and just write the names but I had to get all fancy and type them out, cut and paste.
I took the idea one step further and added the name of the tile I used on the back-splash. You can also add things like custom window shades, just in case they need repair and you don't remember where you ordered them from.
Who knows, maybe in the future the new home owners will find this and thank me!
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