Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh Chanukah, Oh Chanukah

It really has been eight crazy nights! Chanukah has been non-stop...we kicked off the holiday with a festive Chanukah dinner/party for the family.
The meal was traditional...brisket, potato latkes and donuts along with a few healthy things thrown in like Cream of Celery Root soup,  and roasted veggies.

A few days later was the community-wide Chanukah celebration in the center of town.
A real working menorah carved out of ice was the main attraction with falafel and donuts for sale and lots of Chanukah crafts for the kids. (I was the designated face painter--luckily, the tent was heated!) 

The grand finale was a Chanukah concert and dinner at Moussia's school. (She just started kindergartner and is loving everything about it.) 
Even Zelda clapped along with the music! 

Tonight we'll light the last candle and pack up the menorah's...I already have plans for next year's Chanukah decor...
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